Disinfection equipment for sale


Disinfection equipment for sale


Disinfection equipment for sale

Disinfection equipment for sale.
In addition to the disinfection service, we also sell devices and machines, accessories, products and all the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to perform the disinfection of environments (yours or your customers’) in a completely safe way.
You can purchase:

Disinfection machines, such as: aerosolizers, sprayers, atomizers, humidifiers, disinfectant products based on hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid, as well as ozone generators and air purifier.

Operator’s kit composed of Personal Protection Equipment – PPE – such as: nitrile gloves, protective overalls, disposable shoe covers, protection masks, spectacles protective, sanitizing gel.

Environmental monitoring equipment: professional instruments for the detection and the analysis of the microbial load on surfaces (luminometers), ATP sampling test, indoor air pollutants detectors.

All the available products comply with the standards required to guarantee the safety and health of the operators who carry out the disinfection, as well as the users of the treated areas.


The hydrogen peroxide atomizers (sprayers or foggers) we propose to you are certified, and CE marked. The disinfection machines and liquids we sell for disinfection are tested in all kinds of environment.

Our machines contain very advanced technologies: depending on the model, they deliver hydrogen peroxide microparticles with a size of 0.15 micron or less than 1 micron, a size that allows the substance (atomized in the form of dry mist) to reach all surfaces and to reach a level of disinfection up to Log6 (99.9999%).

The disinfection product is composed of hydrogen peroxide stabilized in an aqueous solution. The method by which it is atomized, and its limited concentration, eliminate the risk of corrosion, making the disinfection safe not only for people but also for objects and materials inside the room (even the more delicate ones).

Hydrogen peroxide machines are used for disinfection of indoor environments.


Our hypochlorous acid machines, suitable for hydrogen peroxide too, are used by a trained and suitably protected operator for the hypochlorous acid disinfection or hydrogen peroxide disinfection of surfaces and air in indoor environments, even in case of very high ceilings (8-10 m).

These machineries vaporize particles of hypochlorous acid (or hydrogen peroxide) larger than the previous ones: we are talking about 5-20 microns.
The power of the delivery of these equipment allows to reach even distant areas and surfaces that are difficult to reach by machinery with a more delicate/controlled delivery.
This fact allows to obtain an excellent level of disinfection even in large volumes such as warehouses, sheds, production plants with ceilings up to 10 meters.
The hypochlorous acid is dispensed in the form of mist, generating a slightly higher level of humidity than atomisers, and consequently requiring good preparation and skill of the operator in order to avoid/limit the risks of oxidation to any delicate materials, or damage to circuits and electronic devices. We do not recommend its use in environments with particularly delicate materials, or by unexperienced users.


We sell ozone generators which, depending on the characteristics of the device, can be used for personal or professional use. All the ozonisers we propose are CE certified and marked.

The ozone generators we propose transform pure oxygen (taken from a cylinder, a concentrator, or the oxygen contained in the environment) into ozone on site and deliver it in the air and on surfaces, or into water.
Ozone is produced without co-generating carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation, nor toxic substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric acid (HNO3), the main responsible for damages to electrical circuits and technological systems that occur during the disinfection of environments with ozone.

The ozone generators we sell are tested in different sectors and allow the total disinfection of the environment. Most of them are suitable for both air and water.

In the first case (air), they are used for deodorization, disinfection and decontamination treatments of indoor environments such as: rooms, cold rooms, refrigerated cellars, garages, car interiors (campers, vans, caravans, buses, trains, etc.).

In the second case, ozonizers are used for water disinfection treatments (bacteriologically pure water) or to obtain a disinfection treatment recognised at a sanitary level (disinfecting water).


We offer products for disinfection of air and surface that have a biocidal action: they must therefore be used in the absence of people and animals, or using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Some air and surface disinfectant require specific equipment: hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid can be sprayed for surface disinfection or atomized if you want to disinfect the air as well as the surfaces.
We also offer dry smoke disinfectant bombs, which do not require any specific device, and can therefore be used by non-experts in order to disinfect environments. Treatments must, however, be carried out strictly in the absence of people.